Weekly God-thinkers…

PODCASTS are the new radio waves but the content is still a thinking mind, that hasn’t changed. When I read the Bible I often find Jesus arguing about what’s important in this life with a variety of opponents, sometimes is Pharisees, sometimes is his disciples. When he was 12 he is found in the temple with the God-thinkers astounded at his knowledge.

Jesus has some of the most amazing conversations with people all over the theological spectrum. Quid est veritas? asked Pilate to Jesus before his crucifixion.

I want to be like Jesus, this is a podcast to have conversations about what’s important in this life and I do so from the understanding that not everybody else is on the same theological ground as me, but heck! this is the 21s’t Century and I believe we should be able to talk, hopefully have a good time or even one or two heated arguments.

We will have weekly God-thinkers to have conversations…

…from Blasphemous to Divine

christian podcast emojis

I’m offering 5 emoji reactions to topics of faith, theology and culture. When it comes to belief and Christianity, it seems to me the spectrum centers around these 5 ideas:

Blasphemous – The furthest away from God and truth, even God-opposing.

Skeptical – Doubtful, curious, something about it makes sense, undecided but maybe want to know more.

Inspired – I say it is the image of God in every human being but I understand skeptical and blasphemous won’t get it, so I’ll say goodness is universal and can be practiced by every human. Can we discover it together?

Holy – Set apart, you really can’t be skeptical at this point anymore, you KNOW there’s purpose, meaning, something more to life. A plan, a messiah, prophecies fulfilled, Faith, Hope and Love.

Divine – Jesus said if you do unto others, you do unto me. Divine is when his goodness is showcased through humans willing to live out their faith.

I give you the benefit of the doubt

Not everyone will react the same as me, they are reactions for a reason, they are not the ultimate judgment and I think that’s the beauty of freedom. So what’s your reaction? What emoji would you use? Let’s talk! You can follow our episodes on Spotify and send us comments and questions directly or use our Connect page.

Statement of Faith

ChristianPodcast is not a church or a denomination, we are a Media Company who believes in conversations. However, I know in the theological arena there’s a lot of who is who, so I have come up with 2 personal beliefs that are the core motor of all we do:

  1. God is Good
  2. Jesus is God

Don’t agree? Send me an Emoji

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I’m Beto Gudiño. I’m originally from Guadalajara, Mexico. I live in Costa Mesa, California with my wife Mili and our 3 kids.

My faith community Palm Harvest has allowed me to develop some of my greatest passions for the Kingdom. From working on our video broadcasts, writing songs with Palm Harvest Music to developing my teaching and speaking abilities – my accent used to be way worse, can you believe that?

I have a bachelors in communications from Universidad del Valle de Atemajac UNIVA in my home town.

Along with my wife we host the Spanish stream El Christian Podcast , escúchalo si sabes español.