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To begin. Here are the latest Christian Podcast Video episodes and Shorts from our YouTube Channel.

Christian Podcast Full Episodes hosted by Founder of Beto Gudiño. Interviews with Top World Leaders in the fields of Christianity and Culture. Politicians, Musicians, Authors, Scholars, and more!

Some of our previous guests include: Shannon Bream of Fox News, Marvin Rees Mayor of Bristol UK, among many others.

Christian Podcast with Beto Gudiño is the only faith-based show with a belief-o-meter from Blasphemous to Divine. Because not everybody believes the same, we use a range of ideas in the faith spectrum through emoji reactions.

5 Emoji Reactions

Blasphemous: For Ideas considered to be “Shocking, Heretical, Out-there”, or simply the worst.

Skeptical: Formerly known as What the Hell; this includes ideas that make you raise an eyebrow. Hard to believe concepts, or simply ideas where we kinda have given up hope.

Inspired: This will include ideas that give Hope. Those which raise feelings of excitement and enthusiasm.

Holy: This is the space of the sacred, the spiritual world. These ideas usually center around human relationships. The unseen, that which is experienced by the heart and no just reason.

Divine: The Highest idea. The one that almost seems humanly impossible.

Statement of Faith

When it comes to faith background my personal conviction, which some might take as a statement of faith is:

  • 1. God is good
  • 2. Jesus is God

I´m OK if you disagree with that. That´s generally how the world runs anyway. With that said, we are a Media Company and not a particular Church, Faith practice or doctrinal system.

The Show is Produced by ChristianPodcast LLC. Our Content Creator Media Company has the objective to inspire Faith-Aficionados Word-wide.

Note* We started these episodes in 2020, back then some of the episodes hadn’t include the emoji reactions yet. However the conversations we record are usually without a time-stamp per se. Meaning you can still get a lot by watching these shows anytime.

Additionaly. I have grown as a Podcaster, so you might see the evolution of my skills, and I hope you see I’m getting better. Finally. For a short season I titled some episodes In America, then followed Derral Eve’s advice to stick to one name. So I’m keeping it simple. Christian Podcast with Beto Gudiño. Sorry if it causes any confusion. Thanks for watching!

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The Christian Podcast Story

Beto and Mili are immigrants in the United States, they come from Guadalajara, Mexico. Secondly. Beto is passionate about Communications and Mili has a Masters in Marketing. Therefore. They were hosts of the spanish-speaking TV Show Estilo Libre in California which featured interviews to christian bands and ministries and was broadcasted through Enlace TV to more than 160 countries around the world.

Learning about Goodwill stores

To that end. It was in the year 2020 when they decided to invest in buying the domain name and consequently started the company ChristianPodcast LLC.

For that it became their goal and hope to create a unique place where conversations of theology and culture could have a spotlight while maintaining enough space to different perspectives in an atmosphere of dialogue and respect.

Christian Podcast en español

Beto & Mili host the Spanish Stream called El Christian Podcast en español, if you are a Spanish speaker make sure you check it out and subscribe on your favorite listening platform.

Learn more about the story of Christian Podcast and Beto Gudiño in our about us page here.

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