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In our current season, our guest walk through emoji reactions at the end of the episode.

During our show we introduce our guest and talk about their field of expertise. Secondly, we elaborate on their ideas or premises. Yes sir.

Lastly they will answer which ideas belong to the following categories: Blasphemous, Skeptical, Inspired, Holy and Divine, which we call emoji reactions.

As a result, the responses will be according to their vantage point or field of expertise.

Will it always be this way? Well, I don’t think so, perhaps next season will look completely different.

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The Christian Podcast Story

Firstly. Beto and Mili are immigrants in the United States, they come from Guadalajara, Mexico. Secondly. Beto is passionate about Communications and Mili has a Masters in Marketing. Therefore. They were hosts of the spanish-speaking TV Show Estilo Libre in California which featured interviews to christian bands and ministries and was broadcasted through Enlace TV to more than 160 countries around the world.

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Finally. It was in the year 2020 when they decided to invest in buying the domain name and consequently started the company ChristianPodcast LLC.

For that it became their goal and hope to create a unique place where conversations of theology and culture could have a spotlight while maintaining enough space to different perspectives in an atmosphere of dialogue and respect.

El Christian Podcast

Beto & Mili host the Spanish Stream called El Christian Podcast en español, if you are a Spanish speaker make sure you check it out and subscribe on your favorite listening platform.

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