The world is becoming more brown, that’s actually a good thing


Growing up in a multiethnic/multicultural family in the Southwest and now happily transplanted to the Deep South, Chandra Crane is passionate about diversity and family. Author of Mixed Blessing.


I’m originally from New Mexico… I grew up in that intersection borderlands area of Native Culture, Navajo… and Mexican Culture, specially those who emigrated from Mexico or have been there and had the border cross them, when the United States stole land from Mexico…

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There’s hopefully a large part of the church that is having their eyes open to the injustice in the world, to the things that people of “color” have always known, to the things that need changing…

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What’s the difference between ethnicity and race?

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Race comes down to… is a social construct, it’s a 100% made up

What do you mean when you say Mono-ethnic?

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One of the many beautiful things about the Bible is that ethnicity is real, that ethnicity is tied to ancestry, is tied to land, is tied to culture, is tied to heritage, is tied to family of origin, is tied to all these things that make us who we are and that can be grouped into subsections in a way that is not harmful

I think is so powerful you mentioned “marginalized” because that’s who Jesus went to, that’s who Jesus loved, that’s who Jesus gathered under his wings

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God always intended on bringing more and more of the nations into his people, in being grated into the Jews, that’s always the intention

What do you mean when you talk about “colonization”, you said we are always colonizing and being colonized…

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Help me understand Blood Quantum and the “one drop rule”

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…The race conversation… is so limiting, whereas the ethnicity conversation opens doors, it opens stories, it opens a chance for friendship and learning and growth

How did we miss this?… Jesus was mixed, He was multi-ethnic… 

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All ways of speaking, all nations. I think there will be people doing sign language in heaven someday

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Nobody is just white… nobody is just black… no body is just asian… nobody is just latino

Mixed Blessing

Embracing the fullness of Your Multiethnic Identity

Mixed Blessing – Chandra Crane