I see all this content that my kids would watch and I’m like, there has to be a counterbalance, we have to be able to put out more good than evil out there


Derral Eves is a YouTube Mastermind. His expertise sits behind the successful funding of The Chosen TV Series, the first-ever episodic and crowdfunded show about the life of Christ.


Four words: Hollywood, Jesus, Money, Social Media…

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When I started my company back in ’99 I was focusing in on Social Media, growing as the industry went. My company really works on getting people to SEE stuff and then converting that into money. We got really good, did a lot on YouTube, worked with some biggest brands and YouTube creators on the planet, and that’s how I got started, made a name for myself in the YouTube world… I just didn’t know what God had in store for me and my path. I just didn’t know until I knew…

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Dallas (Jenkins) and I are partners… we saw the vision of what we wanted to do which is: do an amazing TV Show that giveth justice with production value, with heart. That’s kinda were it started and then running the day to day operations while Dallas creates. My whole job is to help facilitate Dallas to create…

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10 Million dollars… you think a lot of money, but for TV production is just a meager amount, but is what we needed and what was necessity to put the production in. To have the level of production that you are able to see in season 1 and season 2

Let’s just take away money… if we take it back, is where our heart is first. Where our goals are, I can tell you when we first started the project, we basically had the idea and it was to do a multi-season series about the life of Jesus Christ, and all it was was an idea. I think the big thing was our heart and dedication went towards the project and Dallas was able to vocalize it in a way that got more people on our side of making it happen…

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I can’t do this on my own, I can’t just pretend that everything’s OK… but I’m going to trust that God has a plan

Whether you are a first century disciple or a current days disciple. Is like giving your heart to Jesus, but more importantly giving your heart and trust to Jesus.  You are going to see and we read in the Bible people would give their heart, but their trust was earned over time as they got to get to know Jesus more intimately that trust was there. Some people didn’t even have that trust even when he died and was resurrected it was like Thomas…

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It wasn’t even 2 days later that I had a check in my hands for a 120,000 dollars which was exactly what we needed to do what we needed to do and that’s just told me right there and there that there is a higher power. God is with us…. He’s proven time and time again when we hit those spots

Our goal is to get it out to a billion people and if we just do it the way that Hollywood or big studios have done it we’ll never get it out to a billion people. I’ll take too long, and too arduous of a process and people are too territorial. We are the first ever Free App that you can watch in any country and is translated in so many different languages..

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We are not trying to replace anything, the Bible is the Bible. What we wanna do is, and this is really important to us, tell the stories that will lead you back to the source.

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The beauty of What Jesus come to do… it’s his work… It was to disrupt the way you thought and perceived what reality is and really understanding what reality is

“Jesus said to the disciples truly I tell you is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of Heaven, again I tell you it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God”. Derral what have you learned about the relationship to money and following Jesus?

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We are gonna keep it simple. We are going to do 7 seasons. We are in season 2 right now. Each season will have at least 10 episodes. We won’t know until the writing phase of it…

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What is Happiness? I think is knowing who you are and accepting what you can become

The Chosen TV Series