The Bible has a lot to say about intoxication


Todd Miles was a nuclear engineer who became a Theology Professor at Western Seminary in Portland. He is the author of Cannabis and the Christian, what the Bible says about marijuana, among other books.


How did you go from nuclear engineer to professor of theology?

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It certainly is aimed to Christians, a lot of what I have to say applies to non-christians in terms of risks and health benefits for certain components of the cannabis plant, so all of that applies. Even if a person is not a believer or a follower of Christ, they still stand before the same God who created them, so in that sense it applies, but what I’m mostly interested in is getting good information in the hand of people who want to follow Jesus

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Why are there so many names to marijuana? What’s the difference between marijuana, CBD, pot, cannabis, why all these different names?

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The word Tree is certainly in the Bible and the word Weed is in the Bible as well, but those don’t reference the cannabis plant

The Bible talks about trees, and talks about weeds and plants that come from the ground and God said this is good. What does it mean when the Bible says something is good, and can it be applied to marijuana?

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Your IQ will be reduced, is more prone to mental illness and violent behavior, or it affects your personal ambition, what are some of the risks we are unaware of when it comes to marijuana?

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THC interferes with brain development

Is certainly not as addictive as opioids, but not as addictive doesn’t mean not addictive, it is addictive

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I walked into one of the many cannabis dispensaries here in Portland, OR where I live… I asked them – this is going to sound like a dumb question but is there any reason to smoke recreationaly other than to get high? and they just laughed at me

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The marijuana high… diminishes mental capacity, diminishes moral judgment and diminishes physical capacity

My conviction is that the Bible is sufficient, we have all the divine words that we need to live faithfully before God… the devil doesn’t create things, but just like with alcohol… it can be misused and the Bible says a lot about intoxication…

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Highly complex plant with many components… THC is the intoxicating one… you can use CBD and you are not going to get high… I’ve seen things where people say CBD it cures cancer, cures parkinsons, it cures glaucoma… non of that has been proven at all, but it has some clinical benefits.

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If something is a cure all, it probably cures nothing

When Jesus is on the cross there’s these ladies who offer to him this one that’s mixed with myrrh, which appears to have been a kind of narcotic that would take the edge of the suffering, it was a mercy ministry of this group of ladies, and they offered it to Jesus and he refuses it.

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A lot of question surround the use of psychoactive drugs for spiritually, there are a lot of proponents for that, there are even christian proponents for that. My question for them is how do you justify from the scriptures the use of a psychoactive drug that diminishes mental abilities, diminishes moral judgment in order to commune with the God of the universe? … this has more in common with the 1960’s hippie culture or maybe some sort of mysticism where you are trying to achieve some sort of higher plane. The scriptures don’t have a category for anything like that…

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Cannabis and the Christian

What the Bible says about marijuana

Cannabis and the Christian

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