I’m am so gung-ho about people getting in their homes and just welcoming others whatever it looks like, it doesn’t have to be perfect or Martha Stewart it just hast to be authentic and full of love and I think everybody has that to give

Kate Wood is the creator of the award-winning blog Wood and Spoon. Her newly published book Her Daily Bread, Inspired words and recipes to feast on all year long features daily devotionals and recipes. 
Kate shares her journey into writing the book and how food brings us all to the table and did she say she loves Pastor Tacos (tacos al pastor)?

Kate why did you write this book?

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What brought you to the point to need a daily bread? What is your faith journey?

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What’s the role of Food, What do you mean it is a uniting thing?

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We all speak in this universal language of food

All over the New Testament there’s so many instances of Jesus meeting with people, whether it’s Hey Zacheas I’m coming to eat at your house today, even then turning water into wine at the wedding

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Beto shares his favorite Movie Snack Recipe (expect the unexpected)

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When we welcome people to our table… is like your opening your story to somebody else

What’s your experience encountering disagreements at the table?

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What have you learned about nourishment and the ones that have gone before us?

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I’m gonna do that via food right down to the last super welcoming even somebody that was going to betray him… there’s a lot of beautiful analogies in the Bible revolving around food

What are some of your favorite meals or recipes?

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From Blasphemous to Divine…

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I’m so passionate about welcoming people into your home and loving them via Food



Inspired Words and Recipes to Feast On All Year Long

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