Brian Zahnd pastors Word of Life Church in Missouri. Brian is the author of When Everything’s on Fire. Faith forged from the ashes.

Is very difficult for you to understand your own Epoch because it’s the only time in which you live… We’ve fully arrived into a secular age… a philosophical position where God at best has moved to the very periphery of society

Brian Zahnd

Why did you write this book?

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Is this nothing new? (Brian talks Camino de Santiago)

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Are we (America) exporting deconstruction?

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Many Christians are experiencing deconstruction of faith… eventually I would say the church in the entire western world will have to pass through those fires… is simply inevitable

Brian Zahnd

(On skepticism) We don’t sustain christian faith by avoiding the hard questions

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I don’t think we live in a christian nation or a christian culture

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You are not gonna sustain faith by pretending you aren’t occasionally struggling with doubts

Brian Zahnd

A Struggle is Presumed. I think we are in a much safer place when we are struggling to maintain and live christian faith than when we just assume that is easy or that we can just sort of like follow Jesus by flowing downstream

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We allow Jesus to precede over the scriptures. I understand people can get confused about that, because is the Scriptures that point us to Jesus

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Not all doubts are bad, some things that we find ourselves doubting in fact should be doubted

Brian Zahnd

On a Sunday after Easter, of all things, He is the pastor!, the pastor of the church gets up and announces to his congregation that he is an atheist, and he’s been an atheist for a year and a half and he’s decided that Christianity is all a fable and we should all be done with it and live our lives.

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Jesus is the revelation of who God is

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From Blasphemous to Divine

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Faith forged from the ashes

When Everything's on Fire Brian Zahnd Guest on Christian Podcast
When Everything’s on Fire Brian Zahnd Guest on Christian Podcast