I believe technology itself is amoral

Jay Kim is a Pastor in the Silicon Valley, California. In this episode we discuss his book Analog Church and some of the Mass Media ideas coming all the way back from Marshall McLuhan in the past century. We talk about the difference between Relevance and Transcendence as it relates to the church. We talk about the Digital Age in Light of something as old as the Tower of Babel as we read it in Scripture. What are the problems that the digital age brings? What are some of the solutions?

Tell us about your background

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Relevance Vs Transcendence

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The Values of the Digital Age: Speed, Choice and Individualism

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We are becoming far more impatient and shallow in the digital age

How we went from the Print Age, to the Broadcasting Age and to the Digital Age

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Why Marshall McLuhan’s laws of Media made a comeback

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We are online, everything is digital, but we can’t just say: Ok we have the technology we’ll just do this forever. We have to ask the question: How is this forming our people?

The analogy of the Tower of Babel with the Digital Age

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Communication vs Communing, Mark Zuckerberg suggests Facebook is the new church and How to leverage technology

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The digital lever and how it relates to how we read scripture

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The individualism of the digital age makes us incredibly isolated

The secret ingredient is: Slow

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Reading the Bible in the analog

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Coming back to the table (communion)

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Analog Church

Why we need real people, places and things in the digital age

Analog Church Jay Kim Book Cover
Analog Church Jay Kim Book Cover