What we know about that age group from 18-29, 18-35. What the Academic research literature tell us about them is that they are trying to sort out their identities, they are a little focused on themselves during those years cause they are trying to figure out Who Am I? Where do I fit in the world?

Beth Seversen Phd. Professor and director of the Center for Christian Ministries and Practical Theology at North Park University in Chicago.

In this episode Beth is going to unpack a few of the sociological terms found in her research like: Bricoleur, Bright-spot churches, Characteristics of Emerging Adults, Burning Man experience. We talk about the “5 I’s” that she identified in her research as helping churches engage and retain emerging adults in the local church context.

Religious identity is more and more delayed, as our identity in life is delayed. I think they go hand in hand.

Can you remind us what type of research this is, and why is that matter?

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What are the “Nones” and “Dones”?

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Many times they are differentiating from their parents through church because they think it’s one of the ways they can get away with. They know they are not really pleasing mom and dad by not going to church but maybe it causes less tension than other things. They are finding their own way…

What are Bright-spot churches?

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Tell us about your Research at Burning Man experience

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What are Bright-Spot Churches?

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Many young adults cut and paste and patch together their religion. From what? We have so much available to us today online… from all different kinds of spirituality, and that’s what you find at Burning Man

Tell us about your anecdotal research visiting different types of churches to help them be guest friendly

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Where does your heart for emerging adults come from?

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How do you help your own kids have their own journey while giving them space at the same time?

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What are the 5 I’s?

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Not only read the book, but invite the Holy Spirit

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The mother is the key to the family across many cultures. If I am not included in any way: encouraged, welcomed, asked a question, invited to come back in a warm way; you have not only lost me, you lost my network.

A Blessing from Beth Seversen

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Not Done Yet

Reaching and Keeping Unchurched Emerging Adults

Not Done Yet Christian Podcast Beth Seversen
Not Done Yet Christian Podcast Beth Seversen