In what world that God’s created should it be true that the more you study His Word the less you are going to love people well when the very Word is about God’s great love for people


Preston Sprinkle is the president of the Center for Faith, Sexuality and Gender. Helping Christian Leaders and Churches engage questions about LGBTQ matters. He has taught at Nottingham University, Cedarville University and Eternity Bible College (started by Francis Chan). He hosts the Theology in the Raw Podcast and is author and speaker in conferences around the world.


Why don’t you introduce yourself

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What is helpful to introduce people to this topic?

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How do we define who is a transgender?

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Mark Yardhouse is a Christian Psychologist and he likes to say if you’ve met one transgender person you’ve met… one transgender person

Why do we have this difference between sex and gender?

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We have to ask to question what do you mean by gender? Because right now that term is used 11 different ways by 10 different people

Why is a heterosexual man talking about transgenderism?

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My primary audience is Christian Leaders… they are shepherding and leading, and talking to, and discipling LGBT people, so in a sense I’m helping fellow leaders to do that better

What is your experience as it relates to the question of: What does the Bible say about these topics of sexuality?

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“If we get the Bible right and love wrong… we are wrong”

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What is Cross Hormone Therapy?

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Is a big touchy suggestion to say that culture might play some role in influencing  somebody’s either gender identity or sexual identity

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Theology in the Raw Podcast

Theology In the Raw Podcast with Preston Sprinkle
Theology In the Raw Podcast with Preston Sprinkle