Music at it’s most fundamental, forget about selling records, forget about being on a stage with lights, that’s all well and good for your ego… the thing that makes music so wonderful is that we share it

Jennifer Knapp is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, author, speaker and advocate. She has earned four Dove Awards and has two Grammy nominations. 

As the first major artist in the Christian music world to speak openly about LGBTQ identity, her unique position created opportunities for a national dialogue, including appearances on Larry King Live and theTEDxstage.  In 2012 Knapp founded the non-profit organization Inside Out Faith, through which she continues to speak and perform nationally as an advocate for LGBTQ & faith issues. Knapp recently completed a master’s degree in Theological Studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School.

In our modern culture we think that success is built on our popularity vs the experience of the gifts that we have

How has music marked you?

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How did you see doors start to open when you started in music?

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to say that Christianity on it’s own has offended me, I used to think that for a long time, and I started to realize that that was a mistake on my part, to think that some people who’ve said terrible awful and do awful and terrible things speak for the whole of the church… they don’t

Our abilities are not necessarily just to build our ego

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What are you learning about yourself and Christianity?

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Was there ever an apology from the church?

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Our communities don’t change unless we bring ourselves to our communities

What are you learning about yourself and christianity?

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The things that we care about even though they are scary we tend to chase after

Why did you stick with faith?

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What’s next in your musical career

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