You load up a room of a few hundred worshipers and people are all over the map with how they see faith, how convinced they are, how much doubt has crept-ed in

Joey Svendsen has been hosting Pastor With No Answers for many episodes now! He is a legendary Podcaster who welcomes wild questions. He has battled with mental illness and he claims it almost took him out.

Tell me something funny

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How did you come up with the idea of Pastor With No Answers?

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What is the goal of Pastor With No Answers Podcast?

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If I find out on the other side of life that it wasn’t God, then who cares, it was super helpful

What was helpful to overcome Mental Illness?

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People need to realize the brain is an organ, just like your kidney, just like your heart

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I have based my whole life on this glorious story of God becoming man and actually beating death and resurrecting… I would hold on to that hope no matter how dim it looks

Are you saying the (sick) brain as an organ can not produce a mental picture of a better future?

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How do you tell people about this? What is helpful?

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I spent a week in the mental hospital to basically keep me safe

Are you aware of statistics or is your case very particular?

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When your brain gets sick enough, you can get to a place where you can call it Temporary Insanity, that you truly believe that you should take your life

What is faith?

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I bet to differ with Christians that say we can have certainty about what we believe

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I’m very unorthodox pastor

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