My dad was an alcoholic and my mom has also suffered from bipolar disorder. This naturally created a space for a little bit more toxicity. Every family’s got problems, we’ve all got dysfunctions in the family

Ben Glassman and his wife Megan are founders of Legacy Makers, a non-profit helping families experience the fullness of what it was created for.

Legacy Makers are families who have committed to demonstrate and embody intentionality in their life and in their family. They live life with the end in mind and allow that vision to direct and influence every decision they make in order to leave a positive, multi-generational legacy.

While we were praying the idea that Family is the foundation of all of society started taking a deep root in our hearts…

Who are you and what do you do?

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Tell me about your faith background

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We uncovered and identified those things that are non-negotiable now… They affect and play into our decision making as a family.  What do we need to say No to so we can say Yes to things that we feel we’ve been brought together for

I broke my knee wake boarding (the lightbulb story)

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What was the turning point for you to change your family’s future?

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What is a Family Crest?

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We are putting a magnifying glass on the DNA of your generation and picking it apart and putting things in that should’ve been there since the beginning… We help them think about the long term impact of their family

When was Legacy makers born?

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Beto goes back to his Junior High Days with the idea of Auto-evaluation

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Tell me about the steps you take families through to help them (Legacy Mapping Process)

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The funny story about Beto’s experience with “Amway people”

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What is your “sells pitch” why people should subscribe to Legacy Makers?

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Family was meant to be a place where you can experience all the things of God… He meant for family to be that foundational place where you can learn how to forgive and you can learn what it means to be accepted and love without bounds and have purpose and have integrity

Who is this for, only for Christians or any family?

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