When we twist the order of things and make penultimate things ultimate things is when we get in trouble… you can do things that are harmful to people

Kaitlyn Schiess is a fresh voice for an entire generation. She writes about politics, theology and culture and has been featured in many prominent outlets such as New York Times, Huffington Post, RELEVANT and more.

Are we in the End Times?

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Why do we use “American” as an adjective for Church?

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Ultimacy vs. Penultimacy; Propositional Information (DATA) vs. Affective Information

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Human beings were made to have reason and emotion and we are formed by both of those

Why is there a resurgence of the Analog?

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Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy; Integrity, is that the opposite of hypocrisy?

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My entire life can be lived online and there’s a looking for something that requires our bodies, that requires our hands and puts us in community with real people, face to face

The language of fear and what is Idol worship reversal? Fear and Hypnosis as tools of terror

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Is government ultimately corrupt?

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Acting rightly requires a lot of practice too, it requires formation. Knowing the right things doesn’t necessarily mean you will act the right way

Fitness and wellness, how did you get there?

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Our goal now should be to work with the recognition that we will be sinful and broken as we try and do good things now, but try and create a glimpse if we can,  of what human community will look one day when it’s been redeemed

Augustine’s writings about the earthly city vs the city of God

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What’s the role of community in politics?

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How is Coffee related to politics?

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it’s all political in the sense that it deals with our common life together


Liturgy of Politics

Spiritual Formation for the Sake of our Neighbor

Liturgy of Politics Kaitlyn Schiess Christian Podcast Interview Review
Liturgy of Politics – Kaitlyn Schiess