As an elected mayor of my city I can not condone criminal damage and pulling down a statue is criminal damage because we didn’t ask for it to be pulled down, didn’t give permission. But at the same time, and this is a contradictory world as I pointed out, at the same time I can not do anything other than admit that having a statue to a man that made his wealth by kidnapping and transporting 80 to 85,000 Africans across the Atlantic, we estimate around 19 to 20,000 of those were thrown overboard on-route, after we have the records of the stock on the ships, was anything other than an affront to me.

Costa Mesa is an eclectic city in Southern California, home to world brands well known in the Surf and Skate Industry around the world like: Vans, RVCA, Volcom, Hurley, among others. Neighbor to International destination beaches like Huntington Beach and Newport Beach.

Bristol is a city in England, one of the largest 11 cities in the country. Rich in history and global presence because of it’s ports. Accounting over a half million inhabitants.

What happens when you bring 2 guests on a podcast who both have Leadership roles in their quiver as Mayors of their respective cities and also a similar faith background, but probably disagree in other areas of politics, say their View of Donald Trump, toppling down of statues and such.

Steve Mensinger joins as former Mayor of Costa Mesa, CA and Marvin Rees the current Mayor of Bristol, UK. These 2 fine gentlemen come together on the Christian Podcast to bring us a phenomenal dialogue where the “art of listening” to each other became the key element to find commonality and unity.

We didn’t want to get too political from the get go so. Will you hear an embarrassing story from Marvin that has to do with the former Prime Minister Tony Blair? Or do you know the best speech a politician has ever given?

Is hard to learn history if you are tearing things out. I don’t disagree with Marvin. We have confederate soldiers that have statues and there was a great war in our country fought in the 1860’s that obviously a lot of people died fighting and those statues got erected for a reason. And I think when you look back historically, you talk to historians, they were erected to help bring our societies back together, which is interesting, right after the civil war Robert E. Lee, who was the general of the confederacy surrendered and what He said to all his soldiers is “We’ll be one again, we are not gonna take up arms, we are not gonna be guerillas, we lost the war but we are really Americans.”

Tell us something embarrassing that has happened to you being the mayor of your particular cities

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What have you learned form history recently?

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Can we become one? What are you doing as leader to become one or bring unity?

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On Donald Trump and government

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How does your faith shape your politics?

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We need to listen more. Marvin has an ideology, I have an ideology. I respect Marvin’s ideology, I respect his country that’s where it really starts. If you start on that basis, whether is United States or is England or is any country right now. Great civilizations disintegrate when there is no dialogue. Civil war occurs when the dialogue disappears.

How can you affirm each other in your roles of leadership?

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DC controls United States, but surely so does Wall Street… and it strikes me that what you begin to enter into is a conversation also about principalities and powers. The world is more than just a collection of individual decisions.



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