We have lost the ability to speak truth into people’s lives because we no longer understand where they are coming from… What Walter Brueggemann called a Crisis of Interpretation

Mark Nelson is the co-author (with Alan Hirsch) of Reframation, seeing God, people, and mission through re-enchanted frames. Mark has been in vocational ministry for 34 years. Lives in Knoxville, Tennessee. As he narrates in the book, he walked Camino de Santiago, a legendary journey following in the footsteps of St. Jame’s disciples.

What was the Reformation?

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Jesus brought about a reframation by telling a subersive, alternative story. He told a story that is more than science, more than history, more than philosophy, more than anthropology, and more than morality. “Like every truly great story, it’s truth may lie not so much in its historical or even philosophical veracity as in it’s effect on the soul of the reader”

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What brought us to this place where we can no longer see a picture that entails a great story?

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When we put it in our mouths it should make us go – What the heck get this out! our it should change our lives, we should start seeing life in color… a black and white world is suddenly put into color and that’s the message of Jesus that we want to reframe

What does it mean to be on El Camino?

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For some people is nothing more than a hike?

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I think comedians are the modern day prophets

The fascinating thing about Alex was…

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There’s 28 chapters in the book of Acts because the author expects us to write chapter 29

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The Western Frame, the Eastern Frame and the Southern Frame

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The resurrection is real, the resurrection is true and the resurrection is something we can live right now

Look at the example that Paul gives us…

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What would the Lord’s Prayer sound like in 2021?

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Seeing God, People, and Mission Through Reenchanted Frames

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