My name was Melissa at the time… she played small… she didn’t wanna make waves… Reina stands up for justice even in the face of loss

Reina Rose is the Soul Nutritionist. She traveled the world working in a private jet and found Jesus in the contemplative practices of Christianity. Reina authored the book Sin Tastes Good in which she explores to intentionally nourish the soul as well we nourish our bodies through fitness and wellness.

Describe what you do and who you are

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Can you talk about your name change?

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Reminds me of the story of Esther in the Bible

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I had grown up with so much diversity and it all being really celebrated and then I came back to America and everyone wants to be the same

Tell me about your upbringing

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I bought a one-way ticket to Houston, I didn’t have a place to live yet, a job lined up, a car, nothing and I had almost no money left

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I went to school with princesses

My friend has a soccer YouTube channel

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A funny story about kisses

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I ran away from God, total prodigal son: sex, drugs and rock&roll… I felt like all these people who claimed to love me suddenly abandoned me in my time of need

Fitness and wellness, how did you get there?

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We need to reach out the the broken, the fallen and the people who are doing well

I felt like I got married just to be a good girl in the church…

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I’m not gonna give you any answers because you need to find those on your own

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The idea of Sin Tastes Good is kinda proverbs wisdom in the modern age

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Mother Theresa called it “a dark night of the soul”

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The disciples were with Jesus all this time, in the flesh, with him day and night and they still didn’t get it

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Is not a bad thing to fall away and then really search your way back

Being Christian or Christ-like or little Christs, however we would describe it, is really loving God and loving people

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