The home court advantage is gone. We are playing away games and the crowds are not cheering for Christians to win or even say anything, or even be on the field, they don’t want to even see us.

“Sobremesa” is the concept of staying at the dinner table for long periods of time way past the eating time. In this amazing conversation we got to do just that with Leonard Sweet (who by the way gives honor to his last name). He is a preacher, teacher, scholar and author of best selling books.

One of Leo’s latest books is Rings of Fire, a book in which he explores what seems like a volcanic future that lies ahead for christians. In this episode of the Christian Podcast we got to create a virtual sobremesa (while I was drinking my coffee at least) to explore some of the concepts and ideas proposed in this recent book.

Was such a joy to explore the future and the Hope of Jesus together.

We may be seeing right now and Francis is testifying to this. The greatest kind of revival in history of Christianity taking place in China, both underground and above ground.

Conversation partners, the 22nd century, the future, the table.

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The requiem of the American Dream

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Everybody ought to be apocalyptic. We all ought to be looking for the revealing and the unveiling and lifting off the curtain to see what God is doing and where God is moving and what God is up to.

If we are followers of Jesus we live in the Kingdom and the jubilee

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Is not the West anymore that’s shaping the future, is the East

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Some of the “predictions” in the book that Leo got right, like new viruses and infections coming from animals…

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You can’t be human without the divine… If you really want to be human, Jesus is your best shot.

The future and “rapture experience”. Apocalypse and “end times”

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An invitation for the “nones”, the “dones”, the agnostics

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“High toleration threshold and forgiving spirit for waywardness and wrongness”

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Rings of Fire

Walking in Faith through a Volcanic Future