Somebody said once: Nobody confuses Russia with a Christian Nation, nobody thinks Russia is the new Jerusalem. So I have to acknowledge that there are good things about this country, there are things I’m appreciative of and because of that I’m compelled to critique the things that we need to do better and that we need to fix and realize that my experience as a white guy is not everybody else’s experience

Shane Blackshear is a podcast pioneer. He has been interviewing christian authors, thinkers, theologians and scholars on his podcast called Seminary Dropout. Shane’s experience podcasting has allowed him to help other people start their own podcasts through his training course Podcasting for Everyone.

I’m getting the best education I could ever get, it feels like it’s my own private seminary ’cause I’m just sitting down and talking with people who write seminary text books… we are over 200 episodes now… all that I’ve learned since then, the conversations that have really changed me…  such a fulfilling experience.

Who are you and What is Seminary Dropout?

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Why did you start Seminary Dropout?

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There’s a stat that says most podcasts end after 7 episodes… I encourage people to plan out their first 20 episodes, get an outline, what are you gonna talk about? If you can’t get 20 episodes on paper, then you probably won’t be able to record 20 episodes either

What have you learned after all these interviews you’ve done with scholars, preachers and teachers?

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How has your theology changed for the better in the last 7 years?

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What is your hope for Seminary Dropout?

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If you are gonna do an interview format podcast, listen to other really good interview format podcasts. For every interview I write questions ahead of time, some I have more than others, some I know I will be able to improv more.

Are you offering Podcasting Training?

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How do you start a Podcast?

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What is helpful when interviewing people on your podcast?

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What are you reading?

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What are the hottest topics in your mind?

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My hope for Seminary Dropout is to give voices a platform that I think the world needs to hear and specially neglected ones, so people of color, women in ministry. If it can be a place where we can amplify t voices that the world needs to hear I am happy and I am satisfied

Why is it called Seminary Dropout?

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How to wrap up a podcast conversation?

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