Suddenly the whole world has had to ask the most provocative question of the 21st century that we can ask: What is the Church?

Do churches have to depend on money and offerings to be sustained?

Brian Sanders is an innovator in the structure and systems of the Church. He started a journey in Tampa, Florida called Underground Network; a new form of sending church members to pursue their callings through a centralized-decentralized governance that says “Yes” to unique mission ideas, it empowers and gives them autonomy as micro-churches.

People need to be given permission to fail, they need to be given permission to try

Tell us about what you do

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What’s your vantage point with money and the church?

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The absolute best discipleship curriculum I’ve ever seen is just let people go do what Jesus told them to do. They will struggle like crazy, they’ll learn how to pray, they’ll learn how to share their faith, they’ll learn how to contextualize, they’ll learn how to build a team, they’ll learn how fall and come back again, they’ll learn how to hope, they’ll learn how to dream, they’ll how to love, they’ll learn how to apply scripture.

Why are Worship, Community and Mission the essentials of Church?

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The Idea of centralized-decentralized Church

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How can we help people discover their calling?

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Love is suffering

How can we help churches say yes?

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How can we help a generation whose Christianity system has crumbled?

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Micro-churches and What is the next step?

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Underground Church

a living example of the church in it’s most potent form

Underground Church
Brian Sanders – Underground Church