The descriptions that Psychology gives me are kinda more satisfying for the question that I’m asking, than the description that Theology gives me

Dan Koch is a former rocker who toured the world and visited Mexico and ate tacos. Now he hosts You Have Permission Podcast where he navigates the dichotomies between culture’s left and right, conservative and liberal theology and other interesting topics.

Way more Babies

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I was in a band for 10 years called Sherwood

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Who is the typical listener of You Have Permission?

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There’s some pretty weird conservative culture like being obsessed with guns, being obsessed with war and militarism

My first identity as a teenager being like a punk kid

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If you are culturally conservative, does that mean you are theologically conservative?

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You can’t tell people that they are not allowed to use their mind and heart in the service of discovering the truth in God’s world

The Global south has more Christians in the world, but western Christianity still has a hold on power and culture

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*Dan suggest to Beto to create another Spanish Stream Podcast

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We talked about Progressive and Conservative, what are some of the key elements of either or?

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We have to be very careful about the stuff that we assume is true because everybody around us believes that is true… the fact that we are in these 2 silos, these 2 groups more and more and more on every single part of our life. That distorts our image of reality and you have to question that

Dan Asks Beto: Did you have friends who were sincere Catholics or most of your Catholic friends were nominal?

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I waffle, because I have more doubt some days than other days

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The Kids that are gonna inherit this land…what would be something you wanna leave behind to them?

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You Have Permission Podcast

You Have Permission Podcast
You Have Permission Podcast