Like I said, I’m always thinking of new ideas, lot’s of them are not great, but a few years ago we wanted to start a podcast along with a couple friends and we came up with Hell No Podcast, the inappropriate place for faith conversations. The whole idea behind starting it was this premise: Let’s start with the worst place possible so we can talk about anything.

Well in the long run, we only ended up having a handful of episodes, but as a I was thinking of what an interesting idea we came up with i couldn’t rescind myself from it. One night in 2019 I woke up sometime around 4am and started having all kinds of interesting thoughts around the Marvel movie “End Game” and “Infinity War”. The idea of multi-verse and all the different outcomes and interconnection to the quantum realm seemed so Sci-Fi and at the same time it started clicking in my head that movie scripts and stories come from human brains. We are capable of imagining, but we can only image because of what surrounds us… or can we?

In the words of Erwin McManus, or paraphrasing, we have “soul cravings” that we long for as humans, but those ideals don’t come from anything we can imagine, it’s like they were there since the beginning and they are the “phantom pain” of the soul. Like something we are missing without even knowing.

So after I woke up from my crazy and had all those strange Dr. Srange thoughts I thought I had to record myself and let everyone know about it. Well I did and uploaded it to the Hell No Podcast Youtube channel. If you are a fan of the Marvel saga I would love to hear your take on this idea of God choosing the 1 possible outcome in which He triumphs: Jesus Christ.

Is hope the only future? What does it mean to “take up your cross daily” and follow Jesus?

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