Some people might think I’m the stupidest. Why go into debt to start a business? Actually, why go into debt at all? I have seen the Dave Ramsey videos you know?

Here is what you gotta understand about me. I am a dreamer, I am a futurist. I came to America about 15 years ago because I was chasing after “purpose”. I have never known what it’s like to be rich and so all I can see in the future is the Hope of a better life. Is that future have more money for me? I hope so, but I hope I find satisfaction in finding purpose more than anything.

So a few months back, probably late July of 2019 I told my wife and some friends I have a business idea. I told her how everything was becoming Podcast this, Podcast that. I saw it as the new form of doing Radio. And then it came to me… What If I there was a Podcast Called Christian Podcast? What if it was a place where you could go to to find all kinds of Podcasts with ” Christian content”.

Now here is the thing: When I say Christian Podcast you are probably thinking (depending when you are reading) a preacher from a Church recording their sermon and putting it on I-tunes. Perhaps you are right! But from a few years ago I have understood Podcast as a form to have conversations, really a new form to do a Radio Show.

Some of my favorite Podcast shows in the last years have been: The Vox Podcast with Mike Erre, The BadChristian Podcast, The Holy Post Podcast and a few others. But the common denominator between these groundbreaking communicators is that they were using “podcasting” as a way to have “conversations” rather than promoting a “sermon” or a “preaching”. And so I found that these conversations were super engaging because people were allowed to talk about anything (now, this can be their own demise), but a Podcast then became more like the realm of the mind, where thoughts and ideas are sparked and the medium to share it was an mp3 (or perhaps a wav. file) and the 21st century technology was the means to make it available to many people.

Last year I discovered one of my “strengths” is “futuristic”. I didn’t see that one coming! But I liked what it meant and the more I dug into my memories, the more I understood I have always been a creative person, because I can imagine futures and outcomes and I also love to see where the world is going and hear from other visionaries about the possibilities! I enjoy watching Sci-Fi movies, I even loved the Cybertruck the day it was announced by Elon Musk in LA last November 2019.

Tesla Cybertruck

I have failed at many things in life. I have been in a band, that should say it all! But really, the one thing I have been successful at (and just take my word for it) is been naming things. It doesn’t mean I have named successful things. But I remember always coming up with clever names during camp, and the group had to have a name. I remember naming Camp Themes, School Plays, Church Songs, even naming my own kids was kinda clever… but that’s another story. Even part of my work right now as a creative communicator for Palm Harvest Church has been to name ministries. Naming anything is so fun and creative in itself.

And so, I really thought -this is my time to name What Christian Radio is, and what it means and shape where it’s going. I believe the future of Christianity has to be expressed in conversation.

I believe one day people will use the word Podcast, as mine and older generations referred to the word Radio.

Beto Gudino

The internet carries the signal through it’s wires and satellites

We didn’t call it Radio because of its hardware capabilities (we didn’t, the creators of it did), my generation used the word radio because of it’s content. Radio meant listening with friends, sitting on a front porch. Radio meant putting your headphones on, connecting your 1980’s watch that could tune in to your local stations and listen to people talk about stuff.

So I got a little bit angst to follow my instincts. I don’t have any savings, I live on the day by day. But I did study communications and 25 years ago, I dreamed that one day I could be part of a Christian Radio Network, or TV Station like Enlace who would broadcast Good News. I got super sidetracked. Didn’t even remember I ever dreamed about that for many years. But that summer day of 2019, as I was talking to my always supportive wife. She said, do it! We have always tried crazy ideas! But this time there’s even a sense of calling behind it, a sense of purpose and becoming part of sharing Good News to the world. So do it!

Sorry Dave Ramsey. I got my credit card and bid on a domain. It cost me more than $5,000 and by the time I ended up getting hosting, templates, a whole lot more of technical stuff I ended up with a debt of more than $10,000.

I know for someone, that might sound like a lot. Might sound like a stupid idea. I know for many others what sounds stupid is not investing more. Well first, this is the first time ever in my life I have been a business owner. I have always played the role of “working for someone”. But here is the thing I learned from a Fiddling Grass Hopper on a Disney show:

“I owe the world a Living”.

Fiddler Grass Hopper

I think by default I am in debt to my maker. I have been given Life, and Life eternal and the price has never been anything I could pay. And so yes, 10 grand is a big debt, or small debt. I believe compared to the amount of Hope it can bring to the world, is worth being one of the first to go into the battle.

I’m sure I will come to terms with paying it off someday if allows me life. Some opportunities come only once in a lifetime and, my gut? keeps telling me to press on.

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