What if you only had 1 way to communicate with the rest of the world?

Hello friends! A few months ago I realized Podcasting was becoming the new form of Radio. I decided it was my time to invest some time, money and talents in one of my passions: Communications.

I started a website called ChristianPodcast.com. A directory of Christian Podcasts where you can rate episodes and share them with friends. At the same time I thought why not have my own podcast named Christian Podcast? And so this place was born!

I think if Jesus would have a podcast, it would focus on relationships. I believe the Kingdom of God is God’s language to speak to us, that’s why Jesus didn’t write, He lived. Have you ever wondered where the ideals like Hope, Forgiveness, Generosity come from? I think the best version of a human is when we live for humanity rather than individuality.

I picture Christian Podcast as a post-apocalyptic, movie-like scenario where communication is hard to accomplish. But if you had one of the last radios on earth, what would you try to broadcast over it? And when you find someone on the other line, what would your words be?

I hope as you listen to these episodes you will find the Kingdom of God becoming more evident around you. I believe God has been broadcasting in His own language since the beginning, but his radio frequency starts with humbleness and ears to hear.

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With love, from the Pacific Ocean

I’m Beto Gudiño. I’m originally from Guadalajara, Mexico. I live in Costa Mesa, California, near the Pacific Ocean.

In this life I have done many things, from pushing a cart to sell popsicles in the streets and working for a “cat-lady”; to working in landscape and construction and now I work for a Church in Costa Mesa named Palm Harvest where I’m creative communications director.

I have a bachelors in communications from Universidad del Valle de Atemajac UNIVA in my home town.

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