List of the Top 5 Christian Podcasts

Here is the Ultimate Truth of the top 5 Christian Podcasts in 2020, or possibly in the last 10 years.

  1. BadChristian Podcast
  2. The Vox Podcast with Mike Erre
  3. Holy Post Podcast
  4. This Cultural Moment/Fight Hustle End Hurry
  5. Christian Podcast

These are my top 5 conversational podcasts. Not everyone would agree of course and there are so many really good podcasts out there. I chose these for a reason. These are some of the breakthrough, pioneer Podcasts to ever start questioning and bringing intrepid and thoughtful conversations to the table.

What do you think? What are you Favorite Podcasts out there?

Matt & Toby: Would You Give An Inch Of Your Dong? w/ Devin Shelton The BadChristian Podcast

After discussing the size of Mega Pastor penises in the BC club episode this week, Matt poses a question to the group about donating an inch of your penis to your son. The guys talk more about the BCx69 and how this time the change is for real. Toby refuses to watch “Breaking Bad”.   Links & Sponsors: Marriage Supply: use code BCPOD for 10% off Emeryland:
  1. Matt & Toby: Would You Give An Inch Of Your Dong? w/ Devin Shelton
  2. Propaganda and The Demise of Higher Education w/ Professor Mark Crispin Miller
  3. Matt & Toby: I Just Want To Be Myself
  4. Grace Baldridge of Semler
  5. Matt & Toby: Robert Ross of @TikStocks

290 – Making All Things New VOX Podcast with Mike Erre

Making All Things New. Today, we sit down and discuss the version of Christianity we’ve been handed and the version that appears in the Bible. Mike offers a different take on the narrative, one where the goal is 'New Creation,' not the judgment —-> heaven/hell idea we were raised with. Is God’s goal to make new things or to make all things new? How does Jesus speak to and embody this idea of 'New Creation?' Where do we fit into it? What are the implications for evangelism & church? How are we to relate to our communities and the world at large within this ideology? This is part one. We will follow it with a conversation on Judgement and Sin. Here is a graphic that illustrates the concept: Books! Surprised By Hope: The Skeletons in God’s Closet: As always, we encourage and would love discussion as we pursue. Always feel free to email in questions to, and to engage the conversation on here and Instagram.  Learn more about the VOX Podcast: Subscribe on iTunes – Support the VOX Podcast on Patreon: Follow us on Instagram: @voxpodcast Like us on Facebook: Follow Mike on Twitter: Music in this episode by Timothy John Stafford Instagram & Twitter: @GoneTimothy
  1. 290 – Making All Things New
  2. 289 – The Wheat & The Weeds
  3. 288 – Holding Space & Christian Nation-ism
  4. 287 – Power in Weakness – with Dr. Timothy Gombis
  5. 286 – The Road Less Traveled

Episode 451: The Apocalypse Now with Dr. John Walton The Holy Post

Our favorite Old Testament scholar is back to talk about the Book of Daniel. Dr. John Walton says the apocalyptic passages of Daniel—which deeply influenced those End Times charts popular among evangelicals—aren’t really predictive of the future in the way we think. And the story of Daniel isn’t necessarily a manual for how Christians ought to live in a post-Christian society. Prepare to have your mind blown as you learn what apocalyptic visions in the Bible are really about. Also this week—how should Christians think about social welfare programs, slavery reparations, and guaranteed minimum income? Esau McCaulley brilliantly reframes the Easter story in light of the Black church’s experience. Plus, the excellence and etymology of Peeps.
  1. Episode 451: The Apocalypse Now with Dr. John Walton
  2. Episode 450: The Evangelical Industrial Complex with Love Thy Neighborhood
  3. Episode 449: The Atlanta Shootings & Courageous Leadership with Richard Stearns
  4. Episode 448: Beth Moore's Exit & the Problem of "Impoverished Imaginations" with Karen Swallow Prior
  5. Episode 447: The Danger of Useful Christianity with Russell Moore

This Cultural Moment Live in Melbourne, Australia Pt.2 This Cultural Moment

Part 2 of This Cultural Moment recorded Live in Melbourne, Australia.
  1. This Cultural Moment Live in Melbourne, Australia Pt.2
  2. This Cultural Moment Live in Melbourne, Australia Pt.1
  3. Q&A with Mark Sayers, Jon Tyson, and Pete Hughes
  4. This Cultural Moment Live at Wildfires in the UK
  5. An Interview with Jon Tyson from NYC
This week John Mark and Jeff talk about saying no. And why it's important as followers of Jesus. John Mark's book: Jeff's book:
  1. 10. Saying No
  2. 9. Empathy
  3. 8. Obscurity
  4. 7. Simplicity
  5. 6. Slowing Down

Graceful Warrior Project with Kelly Kelly Christian Podcast

Kelly always wanted to be a missionary. She grew up in Orange County, California. Kelly empowers women in several countries around the world through holistic training, which includes Self-defense martial arts like Jiu-Jit-su as well as verbal self-defense.  — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. Graceful Warrior Project with Kelly Kelly
  2. You Have Permission Podcast with Dan Koch
  3. Reframation with Mark Nelson
  4. Analog Church with Jay Kim
  5. Pastor With No Answers Podcast with Joey Svendsen

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