List of the Top 5 Christian Podcasts

Here is the Ultimate Truth of the top 5 Christian Podcasts in 2020, or possibly in the last 10 years.

  1. BadChristian Podcast
  2. The Vox Podcast with Mike Erre
  3. Holy Post Podcast
  4. This Cultural Moment/Fight Hustle End Hurry
  5. Christian Podcast

These are my top 5 conversational podcasts. Not everyone would agree of course and there are so many really good podcasts out there. I chose these for a reason. These are some of the breakthrough, pioneer Podcasts to ever start questioning and bringing intrepid and thoughtful conversations to the table.

What do you think? What are you Favorite Podcasts out there?

Happiness & Productivity w/ Author Oliver Burkeman The BadChristian Podcast

Oliver is the author of several books on happiness and productivity, including his new book, “Four Thousand Weeks”. He’s a journalist and writer that is making the case for rediscovering unfashionable old school psychoanalysis, and also writes about the discomfort surrounding creative work and relationships among other things. His new book is available for pre order now at Links & Sponsors: Marriage Supply: use code BCPOD for 10% off Emeryland:  
  1. Happiness & Productivity w/ Author Oliver Burkeman
  2. Digital Sensorium w/ Peter Berkman
  3. Matt & Toby: Aaron Gillespie
  4. Pastor With All the Questions: Anthony Wirth, Toby, and MaryBeth
  5. Matt & Toby: Who Could Have Been a Millionaire!

300 – This Is Voxology – with Bonnie Lewis, Shane Claiborne & Dr. Timothy Gombis Voxology

This is Voxology. Welcome to episode 300 and to the new podcast name, Voxology! We’re excited to start a new chapter in this continued journey with all of you! Today in this mammoth, celebratory episode, we spend time talking about the Church, from postures of both lament and hope. We hear from beloved friend and old co-host Bonnie Lewis on why she feels she is ‘post-church,’ from friend of the show Shane Claiborne on actions the church needs to take to heal and grow and from the one and only Gombis on where we’ve been and hope for the future. Then, most importantly, we hear from many of you. You share your hopes and laments with us as we look further on down the long road. First, Tim puts Mike on the hot seat to talk about why he started a podcast in the first place six years ago and what his hopes are for the next 300 episodes. As always, we encourage and would love discussion as we pursue. Always feel free to email in questions to, and to engage the conversation on Facebook and Instagram. Support the Voxology on Patreon: Interact on Social Media: Facebook Instagram Facebook Micro Communities Learn more about the VOX Podcast: Subscribe on iTunes – Music in this episode by Timothy John Stafford Instagram & Twitter: @GoneTimothy
  1. 300 – This Is Voxology – with Bonnie Lewis, Shane Claiborne & Dr. Timothy Gombis
  2. 299.9 – The (New) Name Game
  3. 299 – When Good gods Go Bad
  4. 298 – They Might Be Giants
  5. 297 – Should I Stay or Should I Go – with Dr.Timothy Gombis

Episode 461: All Eyes on the SBC & Surviving Gun Violence with Taylor Schumann The Holy Post

Violent crime, including mass shootings, are way up. On average over 300 people are shot everyday in America. In 2013, one of them was Taylor Schumann. She talks with Kaitlyn Schiess about her new book, “When Thoughts and Prayers Aren’t Enough,” and the side of gun violence most of us forget—the survivors. Also this week, the Southern Baptists are meeting in Nashville where, according to the mainstream media, the entire fate of evangelicalism will be decided. Are they right? Plus, Relevant Magazine wonders if Phil’s mom gave him sound advice about VeggieTales, or was she playing 3-dimensional chess to mess with her son’s theology. And, why a lobster diver will be the illustration in every sermon this Sunday.
  1. Episode 461: All Eyes on the SBC & Surviving Gun Violence with Taylor Schumann
  2. Episode 460: Consuming News Like a Christian with Jeffrey Bilbro
  3. Episode 459: Remembering Tulsa and Rethinking Prayer
  4. Episode 458: The Gospel Demands Multiethnic Churches with Derwin Gray
  5. Episode 457: Paul, Power, & Patriarchy with Beth Allison Barr

This Cultural Moment Live in Melbourne, Australia Pt.2 This Cultural Moment

Part 2 of This Cultural Moment recorded Live in Melbourne, Australia.
  1. This Cultural Moment Live in Melbourne, Australia Pt.2
  2. This Cultural Moment Live in Melbourne, Australia Pt.1
  3. Q&A with Mark Sayers, Jon Tyson, and Pete Hughes
  4. This Cultural Moment Live at Wildfires in the UK
  5. An Interview with Jon Tyson from NYC
This week John Mark and Jeff talk about saying no. And why it's important as followers of Jesus. John Mark's book: Jeff's book:
  1. 10. Saying No
  2. 9. Empathy
  3. 8. Obscurity
  4. 7. Simplicity
  5. 6. Slowing Down

#27 Boat Accident Paraplegic Becomes Paralympic Medalist Victor Attitude Joe Delagrave Christian Podcast

How to switch from a Victim mentality to a Victor one? Joe Delagrave shares his epic story of resilience, faith and leadership.  Become a Legend! Get perks for being a supporter of the show by choosing an Emoji! Visit SPONSORS: Soundstripe offers Unlimited, royalty free music and sound effects and video for creators. Visit and enter Promo Code: ChristianPodcast for a 10% Discount in your subscription. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. #27 Boat Accident Paraplegic Becomes Paralympic Medalist Victor Attitude Joe Delagrave
  2. #26 Artificial Intelligence Christian Response with Jason Thacker
  3. #25 Jesus Was Brown Multi-ethnic identities with Chandra Crane
  4. #24 Loving Transgender People with Preston Sprinkle
  5. #23 African Women Holistic Self-defense Graceful Warrior Project

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