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#136 Talking to kids about New Creation & responding to William Lane Craig Ask NT Wright Anything

Tom Wright answers listener questions on how to teach children about new creation, where our loved ones go after they die, and responds to a critique from William Lane Craig in a replay of an early edition of the show from 2018.    • Subscribe to the Ask NT Wright Anything podcast: • More shows, free eBook, newsletter, and sign up to ask Tom your questions: • For live events: • For online learning: • Support us in the USA: • Support us in the rest of the world:
  1. #136 Talking to kids about New Creation & responding to William Lane Craig
  2. #135 My weekend with Queen Elizabeth II
  3. #134 Should we cancel Luther & Calvin?
  4. #133 Is faith anti-intellectual?
  5. #132 Is the Bible anti-women? Does God hear the prayers of agnostics?
  6. #131 Help! I’m on the brink of atheism… Deconstruction and suffering
  7. #130 Do I need to tithe? Church rules, covenants and leadership
  8. #129 Would God need to redeem aliens? Life beyond earth and the cosmos
  9. #128 Why did God make childbirth difficult? More questions about Eden and the Fall
  10. #127 How do I reconcile Evolution, the Fall and Original Sin?