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#65 Acts Q&A Pt 2 – Tongues, doctrine and evangelism Ask NT Wright Anything

Should we use Acts for doctrinal guidance? Is speaking in tongues the mark of a mature Christian? Is there a difference between the Paul of Acts and the letters? How should Acts inspire us to live today? Tom responds to more questions from participants on the NT Wright Online video course on The Acts of The Apostles. ·     See NT Wright & Douglas Murray live in conversation on Thurs 13 May, 8pm UK, 3pm Eastern ·     Book for the Unbelievable? & Ask NT Wright Anything conference on Sat 15 May ·     Get a listener discount on the NT Wright Online course on the Acts of the Apostles ·     Support the show and receive a free book – give from the USA or Rest of the world ·     For bonus content, the newsletter, prize draws and to ask a question sign up at ·     Exclusive podcast offers on Tom’s books and videos from SPCK & NT Wright Online ·     Subscribe to the Ask NT Wright Anything podcast via your preferred podcast platform
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