Western Seminary professors Dr. Todd Miles and Dr. Ryan Lister discuss matters of faith, theology, and culture in a post-Christian world


How (Not) to Read the Bible with Dan Kimball Food Trucks in Babylon

What do we do when we encounter parts of the Bible that make us uncomfortable? Is the God of the Bible truly anti-women, anti-science, pro-violence and pro-slavery? Is the “Good Book” really good? Todd and Ryan sit down with Dan Kimball, author of “How (Not) to Read the Bible,” to discuss why the way we read and interpret our Bibles is so important in a post-Christian age. Dan is a pastor at Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz Calif., a faculty member at Western Seminary, and the director of the Regeneration Project.Resources:How (Not) to Read the Bible, Dan Kimball
  1. How (Not) to Read the Bible with Dan Kimball
  2. The Gospel and Mental Illness with Michael Lawrence
  3. The New Reformation with Shai Linne
  4. Three Chords in Babylon
  5. Pathways to Wisdom with Dominick Hernández
  6. Eternal Perspectives with Randy Alcorn
  7. Spiritual Abuse in the Church – Part 2
  8. Spiritual Abuse in the Church – Part 1
  9. Character Matters with Aaron Menikoff
  10. The Wisdom Pyramid with Brett McCracken

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