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Episode 478: Foreign Policy, Adoption, & Race with Esau McCaulley & Jamie Ivey The Holy Post

This week is a special a double feature! First, Phil talks to Esau McCaulley about his recent NY Times editorial about President Biden’s vengeance against terrorists in Afghanistan. McCaulley asks why so few Christian politicians seem to have Christian instincts, and what role should forgiveness have in American foreign policy. Then, Skye interviews author and podcaster Jamie Ivey about her experience as a white mom raising black kids, how it’s changed her understanding of race, and why she no longer believes love can solve every problem. Also this week—new polling indicates a frightening number of people on both the right and left want to disunite the country. Are we on a path toward civil war, and is social media to blame? News Segment Trump voters are worried about anti-white discrimination and think Christianity is under attack [4:00] People on the right and left wanting to disunite the country [15:10] Interview w/ Esau McCaulley Interview Start: [25:41] “The Dangerous Politics of ‘We Will Not Forgive’” “Reading While Black” Interview with Jamie Ivey: The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey: “God Made You to Be You” Ivey Family Interview with Emmanuel Acho: Interview Start: [54:14] The decision to adopt [58:48] Jamie’s background [1:00:54] Parenting differently and the church’s response [1:08:54] Connecting kids with black heritage [1:19:50] Frustration and hope with the church [1:28:12] The Holy Post is supported by our listeners. We may earn affiliate commissions through links listed here. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.
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