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Holy Post 468: Lessons from the Rise & Fall of Mars Hill with Mike Cosper The Holy Post

It seems like everyone is talking about the new podcast from Christianity Today, “The Rise & Fall of Mars Hill” about the famed Seattle megachurch and its controversial pastor, Mark Driscoll. The creator of the podcast, Mike Cosper, talks to Skye about the complicated reality of Mars Hill, and what the rest of the evangelical church can learn from its story. Also this week, scientists discover a parasite that could make you live for 200 years, keep you perpetually young, and make you popular. But there’s a catch. A woman lets God take the wheel, literally. The Creation Museum in Kentucky thinks rebuilding the Tower of Babel in the key to racial harmony. And Phil’s confused about an Olympic team’s decision to wear shorts rather than the mandated bikini bottoms. Is it a victory for conservative or progressive values? The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill:
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