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Episode 456: Why We’re Divided & Positive Pluralism with Bob Roberts The Holy Post

It’s increasingly difficult to have conversations with other Christians. Our families and congregations can’t seem to agree even about basic facts, let alone the news or how we ought to respond to what’s happening. So, we avoid talking about anything that might be controversial—which is pretty much everything today. What happened? How did we become so divided? The Holy Post crew talks about CT president Tim Dalrymple’s recent article, “The Splintering of the Evangelical Soul,” and what is necessary to heal our divisions. Then, Bob Roberts—the most interesting evangelical in the world—joins Skye for a conversation about why it’s critical to have deep relationships with people of other faiths. Roberts says it’s transformed his own understanding of Christianity, and isolating our kids from the world will only guarantee they join it. Also this week, Joshes battle for supremacy in Nebraska.
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