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Legacymakers Ep. 15: How do you honor a legacy that isn't honorable? Legacymakers

In this powerful and home-hitting episode, we dive into the importance of demonstrating honor to the ones love and some ways to do that even if it seems hard. Tune in to learn how you and your family can live long in the land the Lord is giving you.  Donate HERE
  1. Legacymakers Ep. 15: How do you honor a legacy that isn't honorable?
  2. Legacymakers Ep. 14: What are the building blocks of a family legacy?
  3. Legacymakers Ep. 13: WIVE'S TAKEOVER EDITION – What is the Mission of Motherhood?
  4. Legacymakers Ep. 12: The Impacts of the Psychology of Social Comparison with Dr. Andy Garrett
  5. Legacymakers Ep. 11: The Practice of Forgiveness with Clinical Psychologist, Andy Garrett
  6. Legacymakers Sidebar with Greg Todd: Author of The Bible: The Epic Battle
  7. Legacymakers Ep. #10: Is the nuclear family outdated and is it time for something different??!
  8. Legacymakers Ep. 9: How can our home be more than just a place to live?
  9. Legacymakers Ep. 8: What is the IDEAL role of technology in the home?
  10. Legacymakers Ep. 7: How do you know if your kids will turn out okay?

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