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Legacymakers Ep 22: How to Run Your Family Like an NFL Football Team w/ Drue Tranquill Legacymakers

Drue Tranquill is the starting linebacker for the LA Chargers. As a skilled athlete and a leader on the field and in his home, we talk to him about how we can get our families to run like an NFL football team. Listen in as we break down some of the core components of how playing on an elite sports team has a lot to offer today's family.  Thanks to our ongoing show hosts Ben Applebee, George Hanold, Beto Gudino, and Ben Glassman for hosting the show. And special thanks to ChristianPodcast(®), our show producer, now available on RokuTV. Please go to for more from The Legacymakers Podcast. Also, watch the FULL VIDEO version HERE. Make sure to rate, review, and subscribe to help spread the movement of families living on purpose. 
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