Joey Svendsen, formerly of BadChristian Podcast, is a pastor who found freedom in gladly embracing the mystery that comes along with being a finite creation made by an infinite God.

Growing up a fundamentalist, evangelical Christian, he now explores faith through progressive lenses while continuing connection with evangelicals, many who are part of the church he pastors at.

Join Joey, his regular commentators and many special guests (progressives, traditionalists and evangelicals alike) as they discuss God and the Bible, hear about Joey’s experiences with mental illness and reflect on stories of tragedy.

It’s not supposed to all make sense, so let’s continue down the path of Jesus, stick together as we do so, and laugh some along the way.


307 – How to Have an Enemy (w/ Melissa Florer-Bixler) Pastor With No Answers Podcast

Mennonite Pastor, Duke Graduate and author, Melissa Florer-Bixler, talks about her newly released book, How to Have an Enemy: Righteous Anger and the Work of Peace.  She explains why she is an "empathy skeptic" and how she can have rage for some one like President Trump while still wanting him to be free, as there's no healing that comes from a desire to see one punished.  She poses an important question: what are some justice-related issues that Christians can agree to disagree on and what issues are universally intolerable and incongruent to the gospel of Jesus Christ?  “We need a radical reorientation to the reign of God.”  — MelissaThat sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? Umm, YES. At the top of the episode, Joey, Ellen Mauro and Hayne Griffin discuss their issues with the word "heresy" and how the bible isn’t age-appropriate for kids.  Hayne shares a story in which Bill Hybels "came to the rescue for women" and Ellen shares a spiritual awakening she’s walking through in how one can’t go wrong with focusing on Jesus’ love while also having critical eyes for everything outside of Jesus.   Joey thinks he used to be brainwashed by Mark Driscoll. [This podcast is "chapter marker" abled]Melissa: Mauro: Instagram: DonorSee giving opportunity: Us:Join us as a patron! leave a Venmo tip right @ the discussion: 507-403-PWNA (7962):  Questions, Comments, Feedback, Pushback, frustration?Air it out on our voicemail and we may air it on an episode.E-mail for correspondence.Music on this episode courtesy of Derek Minor:  http://www.derekminor.comOther music originally composed by Joel Hamilton + friends Producer of PWNApod:  Jared Svendsen         
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