Joey Svendsen, formerly of BadChristian Podcast, is a pastor who found freedom in gladly embracing the mystery that comes along with being a finite creation made by an infinite God.

Growing up a fundamentalist, evangelical Christian, he now explores faith through progressive lenses while continuing connection with evangelicals, many who are part of the church he pastors at.

Join Joey, his regular commentators and many special guests (progressives, traditionalists and evangelicals alike) as they discuss God and the Bible, hear about Joey’s experiences with mental illness and reflect on stories of tragedy.

It’s not supposed to all make sense, so let’s continue down the path of Jesus, stick together as we do so, and laugh some along the way.


384 – RIP, Pastor With No Answers (the Podcast, Joey is not dead) Pastor With No Answers (and friends) Podcast

THE FINAL EPISODE The public podcast is gone.  The private podcast feed/community (what I enjoy the most these days) continues here. let's hang!February's Monthly Hang Out
  1. 384 – RIP, Pastor With No Answers (the Podcast, Joey is not dead)
  2. 383 – Deconstructing as a Parent, Not Knowing What to Tell Your Kids
  3. 382 – "Black Men Just Need to Stop Selling Drugs, Start Being Fathers." Right?
  4. 381 – Middle Finger to My Old Church, What's Love Got to Do With It?
  5. 380 – You'll Die Sooner Without Good Community. (It's Science)
  6. 379 – Entering the Holidays for the First Time without Your Brother
  7. 378 – Christmas For Me and My Friends ("the Black Ones" Part II)
  8. 377 – Christian Rap, "Still Standing" w/ KJ-52
  9. 376 – Brian Zahnd and John Mark McMillan (God and Country )
  10. 375 – "Death to Deconstruction" (w/ Josh Porter of Showbread)