In October of 2015, Mike Erre launched the VOX Podcast upon a season of struggling with the church’s efforts to represent who Jesus is, what he’s done, and what he is doing on this earth today. Committed to Talk About Anything, Mike quickly engaged into many of culture’s most challenging conversations around the LGBTQ community, American politics, church politics, and Christian culture’s catastrophe of marginalizing the very people that Jesus himself would associate with.


315 – God's Justice Voxology

God's Justice. Today, Mike and Tim take a detour from the 'Bible' series to discuss justice. After an introduction via 'Tim's Troubled Times,' in which Tim brings up the horrendous debacle with the Haitian refugees at the border (under a democratic administration), the actual trauma of active shooter drills in schools vs. kids wearing masks in the classroom, the lgbtq+ float and student pda vs. moms for liberty and the horror of school board meetings. Are we caught in a cycle of choosing self over neighbor? What does justice look like, biblically? How do we listen to our neighbors, especially those who are suffering? How do we keep it from always being caught up in the binary of left vs. right? Or, from terminology such as 'woke' or 'progressive?' How would Jesus have us look at justice in a social arena? What is our 'calling?' Mike takes us on a journey through Ephesians and various other scriptures to see what God and Jesus have to say on the topic. As always, we encourage and would love discussion as we pursue. Always feel free to email in questions to, and to engage the conversation on Facebook and Instagram. The Voxology Spotify channel can be found here: Voxology Radio Learn more about the Voxology Podcast Subscribe on iTunes or Spotify Support the VOX Podcast on Patreon Follow us on Instagram: @voxologypodcast and "like" us on Facebook Follow Mike on Twitter: Music in this episode by Timothy John Stafford Instagram & Twitter: @GoneTimothy
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