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A conversation with Dr. Geoffrey Fulkerson and Joel Chopp on Science and Creation WeeklyTech Podcast

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Geoffrey Fulkerson, the Director of the Carl F.H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and Joel Chopp, Project & Communications Manager at the Henry Center, and we talk about a new volume they co-edited, Science and the Doctrine of Creation: The Approaches of Ten Modern Theologians.Meet Dr. Fulkerson:Prior to walking with the Lord and his love for theology, Dr. Fulkerson studied Communications at University of Illinois. He then spent the last decade pursuing theological education, completing a Master of Divinity and PhD in Systematic Theology at TEDS.Meet Joel Chopp:Joel Chopp earned a MA in Systematic Theology from TEDS in 2014 and then enrolled at the University of Toronto to pursue a PhD in Systematic Theology. After finishing coursework, Chopp returned to TEDS in the summer of 2016 to assume the role of Project & Communications manager for the Henry Center.Resources:Science and the Doctrine of Creation edited by Dr. Geoffrey Fulkerson and Joel ChoppRetrieving Augustine’s Doctrine of Creation by Gavin OrtlundScience, Religion, and the Protestant Tradition by James C. UngureanuReading Genesis Well by C. John CollinsThe Triune Creator by Colin E. Gunton
  1. A conversation with Dr. Geoffrey Fulkerson and Joel Chopp on Science and Creation
  2. A conversation with Dr. Alan Noble on technology and culture
  3. A conversation with Ben Mandrell on ministry and publishing in a digital age
  4. A conversation with Mary Eberstadt on the sexual revolution, identity politics, and the decline of religion in the West.
  5. A conversation with Dr. David VanDrunen on political theology and ethics
  6. A conversation with Dr. Andrew Walker on religious liberty and free expression online
  7. A conversation with Dr. Jonathan Armstrong and Dr. Darrell Bock on virtual reality and technology in the church
  8. A conversation with Dr. Matthew Arbo on public theology and virtue ethics
  9. A conversation with Dr. Matthew Shadle on ethics, autonomous weapons and cyber warfare
  10. A conversation with Dr. James Eglinton on Herman Bavinck, theology, and ethics

Our Episode with Jason Thacker: coming soon