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Christian Ethics in the Digital Public Square with Jason Thacker Digital Public Square

This is a special episode of the podcast as we kick off a new mini-series themed after a new volume that I had the privilege of editing entitled The Digital Public Square: Christian Ethics in a Technological Society. This book is published by B&H Academic and is available Wednesday, February 1st wherever books are sold.This volume along with my other recently released books including Following Jesus in a Digital Age, the companion Bible study, and A Student’s Guide to Social Media are part of a larger research project that I have been leading at the ERLC over the last couple of years. The Digital Public Square research project is designed to help Christians think deeply about the pressing questions of faith and the public square as well as take part in a larger conversation about these pressing challenges of technology and social media whether in the halls of Congress, your state capital, on campuses of the largest and most influential technology companies, in academic gatherings, and most importantly your own home. I am joined by 11 other contributors who address issues such as political philosophy, technology policy, free speech and content moderation, religious freedom, hate speech and hate crimes, gender/sexuality, pornography, conspiracy theories and misinformation, and digital authoritarianism as well as Christian discipleship and mission in the 21st century.Over the next couple of months, I am going to be joined by each contributor to talk about their interest in these areas, their chapters, and what if anything has changed since they wrote their chapters given how quickly the field of technology changes.Download a sample of The Digital Public Square–The Digital Public Square is a production of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and is produced and hosted by Jason Thacker. Production assistance is provided by Kadin Christian. Technical production provided by Owens Productions. It is edited and mixed by Mark Owens.
  1. Christian Ethics in the Digital Public Square with Jason Thacker
  2. The formative power of technology and how digital Bibles shape our reading of Scripture with Dr. John Dyer
  3. A theology of friendship and the life of St. Augustine with Dr. Coleman M. Ford
  4. Christian leadership and the proper role of authority in the Church with David Mathis
  5. Moral philosophy and the landscape of metaethics with Dr. Russ Shafer-Landau
  6. A conversation with Dr. Jessica Joustra on Herman Bavinck and the centrality of ethics in the Chrisitan life
  7. A conversation with Dr. Christopher Kaczor on the ethics of abortion and human personhood
  8. A conversation with Dr. Harry Lee Poe on the life and faith of C.S. Lewis
  9. A conversation with Dr. Nigel Biggar on nature of rights and the common good
  10. A conversation with Dr. Patrick Schreiner on the political nature of Christianity

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