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A conversation with Dr. Matthew Kaemingk Digital Public Square

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Matthew Kaemingk, an ethics and theology professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and editor of Reformed Public Theology: A Global Vision for Life in the World. Today, we talk about a reformed vision for public theology and ethics.Meet Dr. Kaemingk: Dr. Matthew Kaemingk is a public theologian who explores questions facing Christians serving in politics, culture, and the marketplace. He teaches ethics and public theology at Fuller Theological Seminary, where he holds the Richard John Mouw Chair of Faith and Public Life. He also serves as a research fellow at the Center for Public Justice.Resources:Reformed Public Theology by Matthew KaemingkWork and Worship by Matthew KaemingkLectures on Calvinism by Abraham KuyperCalvinism for a Secular Age by Robert and Jessica JoustraAll That God Cares About by Richard MouwWhen the Kings Come Marching in by Richard MouwCulture Making by Andy Crouch
  1. A conversation with Dr. Matthew Kaemingk
  2. The Digital Public Square Trailer
  3. A conversation with Jeremy Peckham on ethics and artificial intelligence
  4. A conversation with Dr. David Koyzis on political ideologies and the Christian worldview
  5. A conversation with Dr. Jeffrey Bilbro on how to read the news better
  6. A conversation with Dr. Evan Lenow and Dr. Mark Liederbach on ethics as worship
  7. A conversation with Dr. Keith Stanglin on christian ethics and technology
  8. A conversation with Dr. Christian Miller on the virtue of honesty
  9. A conversation with Dr. Gregg Allison on human embodiment
  10. A conversation with Patricia Shaw on AI ethics and online governance

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