So many of us have been given bad answers to good questions — questions about God, suffering, prayer, fate, science, justice, and more — often by people with pure intentions.

But we needn’t stop with those pat answers. You have permission to take both Christianity and the modern world very seriously, and this podcast will introduce you to people from across the Christian spectrum engaging these timeless and difficult questions in various ways


Myths about Religion and Politics in America (#157) You Have Permission

Today I'm re-joined by author Ryan Burge to discuss his new book "20 Myths About Religion and Politics in America." Ryan talks about how 'Born again' has become its own brand, ethos & style of thinking and how Evangelicalism is still the dominant form of Christianity in America. We also talk about cynicism, institutional trust, the role plausibility structures have played in American Evangelicalism, and more. Ep 109 with Ryan: Ryan's Twitter: Ryan’s Author Page: 20 Myths Book: The Nones Book: Follow Dan on IG: Or Twitter: Faith deconstruction resources: Edited by Josh Gilbert ( — he is accepting more work!) Join the Patreon for exclusive episodes (and more) every month: Email about the "sliding scale" for the Patreon: YHP Patron-only FB group: Website: Join Dan's email list: Artwork by
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