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Video Podcast Christian Podcast with Beto Gudiño

Fun-energetic beyond-church conversations covering all faith topics from blasphemous to divine.

Some of our previous guests include: Shannon Bream of Fox News, Marvin Rees Mayor of Bristol UK, among many others.

Our video podcast episodes cover a wide range of topics in the fields of psychology, sociology, theology and many more all through the lens of Christianity in general, but even deeper than that, we hope we discover together who Jesus really is.

Since the very beginning of recording podcasts back in March of 2020, we quickly shifted to recording in video format and our goal has been to create video episodes that are recorded in one shot without editing. We value conversations so much that we want them to happen in their most raw and authentic way and for you to experience it in that same manner.

Given that, most of our episodes are videos, however there might have been a hiccup here and there while recording video (as is typical with technology) and we ended with just audio versions, you wont find those here. The best place to get every single one of our audio episodes is Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

We developed a system of belief we call it the belief-o-meter based on emojis that range from blasphemous to divine. The idea behind these emojis is to offer the opportunity to converse with anyone regardless of their “faith background”. We also think is fun to incorporate the emojis during the show because why not? This is the 21st century. Click on the emojis below, it is fun!

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Christian Podcast en español

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