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The Soul Nutritionist Reina Rose

I ran away from God, total prodigal son: Sex, drugs and rock & roll… I felt like all these people who claimed to love me suddenly abandoned me in my time of need

The Bible With And Without Jesus – Marc Brettler & A.J. Levine

What is the Bible for Jew? Who are the Pharisees? What are the Microscopic and Macroscopic lenses to interpret scripture? How have scriptures become weaponized? The Sermon on the Mount, Antithesis or Extensions? and much more!

Inside Out Faith with Jennifer Knapp

As the first major artist in the Christian music world to speak openly about LGBTQ identity, her unique position created opportunities for a national dialogue.

Knapp recently completed a master’s degree in Theological Studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School.

Underground Church with Brian Sanders

Brian re-imagined a complete new structure for how a church can work and do mission. He called it the Underground Network, an empowering model of church that was birth out of Tampa, Florida.

Native American Mark Charles for President

Mark Charles is Native American activist, pastor, author and public speaker. He is running as an independent in the 2020 presidential race in the US. Mark’s work has revolved around the Doctrine of Discovery, deconstructing colonialism and a call to create a common memory to heal broken foundations. Mark has a fantastic background connecting back to his Navajo roots and working with ethnic groups around the world

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