This feels like a 7-mile road where everything that we hoped for and believed and the way that we built our lives and the things we valued is all been turned upside down. And many of us may feel like God has forgotten about us or that God is not with us. But there is a moment that will come when we will recognize this kind of burning in our hearts, this sense that God was with us this whole time. I can look back now and I can see the way that He cared for or He provided.

Chris Kretzu is the lead pastor at SouthHills Church in Costa Mesa, CA. He brings a fresh way of interacting with church goers, the church’s motto is “the perfect place for imperfect people”. He shares his quick views on the Apocalypse. We are going to discuss how music influences his writing and preaching and he is gonna offer an amazing perspective on what Hope looks like after the circumstances seem the same even after an event like the resurrection of Jesus.

Beto shares about Conspiracy Theories

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Chris How are you?

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What kind of music do you like?

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The resurrection is what Gives us the confidence to continue living out what Jesus taught.

What was special at SouthHills on Easter (during lockdowns)?

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What does Easter look like after Easter?

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In the near future. What are some of your biggest concerns as a pastor?

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Why should people check out SouthHills Church?

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Where can people connect with SouthHills?

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Whenever we are allowed to start meeting again there will inevitably be a portion of people that are excited about that and want to get back together and a portion of people that are hesitant and are not ready for that yet. So then you have these 2 different sides and you have to figure out Ok how are we gonna help connect with each other and be respectful with each other

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