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Jason Thacker is on the commission for Ethics and Religious Liberty at the Southern Baptist Convention. He is author of The Age of AI, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity.


The church often seems to be having to play “catch up” to the where the culture is already going

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From voice recognition, to pattern recognition, to facial recognition, utilizing facial authentication, we are utilizing various forms of Artificial Intelligence every single day

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If something would cause all of these systems to stop, you wouldn’t be able to communicate with one another

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At the end of the day, AI is really intricate math

As Christians we don’t need to have these dystopian visions of the future because… the future is secure, is written, is held in the hand of God

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The goal is to pursue wisdom

Facial recognition technology is being used to persecute the Uyghurs muslims in China, there’s an entire group of people based on their faith who are being rounded up by the Chinese government and are actually been put into concentration-like camps

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One of the temptations in the Age of AI is to treat our fellow human beings as simply pieces of data… rather than flesh and blood human beings… we dehumanize them

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How are these technologies discipling us. They are discipling us in their image, to make us more like these tools, in terms of seeking comfort, seeking peace in all the wrong places and we are seeking to utilize these tools to fill the hole in our hearts

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The Age of AI Christian Podcast with Jason Thacker Beto Gudino
The Age of AI, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity

Jason Thacker, The Age of AI