We have the capacity to make things better by investing in our neighborhoods, by loving others, by using the skills and the gifts that we have

BethanyKids is a compassionate Christian mission transforming the lives of African children with surgical conditions and disabilities through pediatric surgery, rehabilitation, public education, spiritual ministry and training health professionals.

Children who might be thought of as worthless by their families or communities can, through surgery, gain independence and a chance to succeed in life.

With Jesus we are not climbing the ladder up towards fame, but we are climbing the ladder down towards His people

What is your work at Bethany Kids?

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What was is it like living in the Middle East for 8 years?

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To see people the way God sees them and to place the value that God has placed in them and not what the human world or society places on people. So it could be a child whose face looks totally different, whose head is so big, but then seeing in that child what God saw when He created that child

Why working with kids primarily?

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The challenge for African children with disabilities and surgical conditions

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How did Bethany Kids expand to 6 countries in Africa?

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When a child is born with a condition that no one knows about the first thought in the community is that this is a curse and is someone’s fault and in some communities this child should be killed, should be destroyed

What is the process for a kid to get the help they need?

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What are some of the current challenges that Bethany Kids is facing?

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What are the similarities or differences with the 6 countries you serve in Africa?

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What kind of programs can people participate with Bethany Kids?

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How did you learn about this “holistic care” mission approach?

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If we take the words of Jesus seriously that means that we are all brothers here 

What are some short-term long-term challenges you want to overcome?

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What are some ways for people to connect with Bethany Kids?

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