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Robert and Taylor Barriger are father and son American pastors in Peru at Camino de Vida. Together they host a Spanish-speaking podcast Haciendo Iglesia Podcast. Robert has been living in Peru for over 38 years.

Sometimes people say things like -don’t bring the ministry home, don’t talk shop at the table- … We always brought the ministry home, we always talked shop at the table

Getting to Know Robert and Taylor

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Robert, what are some of the tools you instilled in Taylor to hear God’s voice calling to ministry?

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Taylor, how did you hear God’s call in your life when you went to HighSchool in the United States?

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I look back now and I can feel the anointing of prayer on my life and my decisions… It was an arch of prayer … not Keneth Copeland and heavy metal

Robert, tell us about your calling to Peru

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Going some place, that’s what missions is… The Bible doesn’t say God so loved the world He sent and offering or He sent an email… He sent a person! He sent a physical warm body cross culture to love on them

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They still worshiped 22 Inca god’s… even occasional human sacrifices… so Moses preached the gospel and the local religious leaders didn’t want that and order to stone Moses to death… when I heard the story I thought that’s like the book of Acts!

Taylor tell me about the challenges coming back from the U.S. into Peru

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How are Christians supposed to utilize technology in the mission field in the 21st century?

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If you wanna  be a missionary it will take you at least 1 year to adapt to the culture, probably 3 years for you to be effective in that culture… be patient, make the commitment

Robert what are some of the challenges you face with technology?

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If you are not listening to the youth today you are irrelevant

Where does the idea for Haciendo Iglesia Podcast come from?

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Robert, what is it like working on Haciendo Iglesia Podcast with your son?

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What would be some of the tools, advice or words of encouragement for the Church of the future?

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Sometimes the biggest block from success tomorrow is success yesterday, because people try to go back to the way it was instead of “the best is yet to come”

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Maybe Liturgy is one leg and the other leg is connection

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I made it my mission to study my dad… to predict my dad… I had to reverse engineer a lot of the way that we do things in church… If anybody is serving their pastor, their main job objective is to understand their pastor’s heart… get a PhD. in knowing your pastor, it will make you a better leader

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