My first job… was capturing sermons that I’m not kidding were brought to me in napkins

Tethe Fernandez is the Co-Founder of Wild For The Nations.

Wild For The Nations is a nonprofit creative studio dedicated to serving missionaries around the globe by producing audiovisual resources that they can use to share their story. They help connect those who want to be a part of spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth to those who need it the most.

I knew that someone God would use it but I didn’t know how

Who are you Tethe?

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How did you get to Wild For The Nations?

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We can overuse the word “persecution” and we confuse it sometimes with discrimination

I did a lot of what today I call the training season… a lot of boring stuff

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The Holy Spirit told me, what are you gonna do?

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I realized that through video I could bring a reality that otherwise the church couldn’t have been exposed to

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The only thing that I had clear it was: 1, I have a fire for those who are outside of the wall of the church. 2, I know things about those who are in the front lines of sharing that gospel that the majority of the church is not participating, not because they are mean, is just they don’t know…

In 2005… Social Media started becoming a thing

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If not for 13 years of boring realities before… I think we are so engaged into the next exciting thing that we miss the training season

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At that point I was praying regularly for places that I didn’t even know where they were on the map

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Is valid… the pain that I had… the disappointment… I was a new believer

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Without having that experience you couldn’t complete the picture

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I discovered that through a video production you can bring the mission field to living rooms, the churches, to bedrooms, to prayer rooms, and with that, allow the church to participate

The goal of the organization is to bridge the gap between the church and the mission field

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Who is the audience that ends up watching these videos?

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How can missionaries or workers apply to have these videos made for them?

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Any last thought or invitation?

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Bridging the gap of Mission Field and the Local Church through Media