What does it mean to be both indigenous and christian…  is a challenge the church has been wrestling with since the Acts 2 community.

Mark Charles is Native American activist, pastor, author and public speaker. He is running as an independent in the 2020 presidential race in the US. Mark’s work has revolved around the Doctrine of Discovery, deconstructing colonialism and a call to create a common memory to heal broken foundations. Mark has a fantastic background connecting back to his Navajo roots and working with ethnic groups around the world

They tell themselves this mythological history that includes discovery and expansion; opportunity and exceptionalism and we have our communities of color, Natives, African people, Spanish, Latino, latinx people who have this lived history of stolen lands and broken treaties of slavery and Jim Crow laws; of harsh immigration policies, of boarding schools and of massacres, mass incarceration, families being ripped apart at the border. All these things and there is no common memory. And then you look back over our history, specially in the US and there’s never been a point when there’s been healthy community across this racial or ethnic lines… can we talk honestly about our history?

Background. Who is Mark Charles?

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What are the lessons from colonization, where is the tension? Mark answers with the idea of Common Memory

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I can’t celebrate Abraham Lincoln. Is like asking a holocaust survivor to celebrate Adolf Hitler, you can’t do it! And so this is the challenge. Our nation doesn’t have a common memory, we don’t teach our history, we teach a mythology and it ignores huge injustices, huge marginalization and discrepancies

The pledge of allegiance and the idea of a Native Nation within a Nation

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Running for President of the United States, Truth and Conciliation and other propositions

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Social Media, Millenials, Gen-Z and feeling scared about voting for an independent.

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What I’m trying to do is to find a way to teach this history not to condemn and demonize people, but to say let’s look at what we are standing on, let’s look at where we’ve been so we can find a way to get to a better future



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Unsettling Truths

The Ongoing, Dehumanizing Legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery

by Mark Charles and Soong-Chan Rah

unsettling truths book Christian Podcast
unsettling truths book Christian Podcast