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Top 25 Christian Podcasts to Inspire Your Faith in 2024

Check out the top 25 Christian Podcasts to boost your faith in 2024. Explore the list below to listen to the most recent episode of each podcast and access links for Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

This list is curated by based on a number of factors which include:

  • Quality of production (Sound, design, theme)

  • Ministry impact and longevity (Authority)

  • Relevant cultural topics (Message)

  • Creativity (Format)

We would love to give YOUR podcast an opportunity to be featured on this list until we reach 25 featured shows. Submit your podcast for review:

Top 25 Christian Podcasts


1.- Holy Post Podcast

First. Join VeggieTales and What’s in the Bible? creator Phil Vischer and co-host Skye Jethani (author, senior editor Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal) for a fast-paced and often funny conversation about pop culture, media, theology and the fun, fun, fun of living a thoughtful Christian life in an increasingly post-Christian culture.


2.- That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

Second. Christian author and speaker Annie F. Downs shares with you some of her favorite things: new books, faith conversations, restaurants, travel stories, musicians not to miss, interviews with friends. Pretty much, if it sounds fun to Annie, you're gonna hear about it.


3.- The Bible Project

Thirdly. The BibleProject podcast features detailed conversations between Tim and Jon and occasional guests, inviting you to explore the biblical theology behind each animated video and series we create. 


4.- Confessions of a Crappy Christian. A Girl Named Blake

To continue. The Crappy Christian Podcast strives to shed a light on the topics the church often forgets. In this space, you'll find conversations with people who have gone through the fire and come back with buckets of water for the people still in it. Hosted by @thegirlnamedblake, this podcast packs a punch (the good kind) and touches on everything from mental health to sex to divorce to the everyday life of a Christian, & the good news that God in the midst of it all.


5.- John Mark Comer Teaching Podcast

The teachings of Jesus lead us to a better, fuller life. This was true in the ancient world where Jesus first taught, and it’s still true today. But what does it mean to actually practice the way of Jesus in today’s complex, secular world? In this podcast by Practicing the Way, John Mark Comer responds to that important question through his teachings at Bridgetown Church in Portland, Oregon. Join us as John Mark provides practical insight on how you can be with Jesus, become like Him and do what He did wherever you are today.


7.- Whoa That's A Good Podcast with Sadie Robertson

The "WHOA That's Good" podcast welcomes you into meaningful conversations with authors, athletes, musicians, speakers, and stars of film and television in search of the answer to just one question: What is the best advice you have ever been given? Hosted by Sadie Robertson, best-selling author, founder of Live Original, and star of A&E's "Duck Dynasty" & season 19 of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," this fun and lighthearted podcast is sure to leave you saying, "WHOA That's Good!"


8.- Unbelievable? with Justin Brierley

Each week, in the award-winning radio show and podcast Unbelievable?, Justin Brierley asks questions like: Is there evidence for God? Can we trust the Bible? Did Jesus rise from the dead?Justin tackles these and other issues, on a show that gets Christians and sceptics talking.


9.- The Authentic Christian

What does it mean to be an Authentic Christian? Join Aaron Gallagher, Scott Ingram, and Tucker Wallace as they discuss the everyday struggle of a Christian, culturally relevant topics, and the Biblical principles that should guide their response. New Episodes will be released every Wednesday from July through December. Sponsored by the Gospel Broadcasting Network.


10.- Cold Case Christianity

The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast is hosted by J. Warner Wallace. J. Warner is a Dateline featured cold-case homicide detective, Senior Fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University and a faculty member at Summit Ministries. The Cold-Case Christianity podcast explores the evidence for God's existence, the reliability of the Bible and the truth of the Christian worldview. Please visit our website at


11.- Ask Pastor John

John Piper answering tough theological and pastoral questions.


12.- Theology in the Raw with Preston Sprinkle

On Theology in the Raw, Preston takes a fresh look at what the Bible really says, as he challenges opinions and traditions--yes, even his own. Homosexuality, sex, porn, drinking, immigration, racial tensions, violence, ISIS, Trump, guns, patriotism, you name it. If it's of interest, you can expect Preston to address it. Think of it as theology for the rest of us. If you have any questions you'd like him to address on the show, email them to Hate mail and tirades will be discarded or mocked.


13.- Greg Laurie

Greg Laurie delivers compelling, practical insights on faith, culture, and current events—with an emphasis on the saving power of the gospel message. He is the founding pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, main speaker of the Harvest Crusades, and host of the daily program, A New Beginning. For over 40 years, Pastor Greg and Harvest Ministries have been committed to knowing God and making Him known. Learn more at


14.- Start to Finish Podcast

Dr. Tony Evans is an internationally acclaimed preacher and author who consistently lands on lists like “The 12 Most Effective Preachers.” But first, he was a high-energy young man from Baltimore with a work ethic to match. Dr. Evans and other guests agreed to sit with us for a series of interviews about the entirety of his life and ministry.


15.- Compelled Podcast with Paul Hastings

Compelled Podcast is an inspirational show that features amazing stories of people whose lives have been transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.

It highlights how Christ can conquer any adversity and bring healing, restoration, and hope to those who seek Him. From shattered relationships, infertility battles, the pain of losing a loved one, to overcoming addiction, the stories shared on this podcast will inspire, encourage, and uplift your spirit.

Compelled's production team brings these stories to life with top-notch sound effects, music, and narration that will take you on a journey of faith and discovery. 


16.- The Bible in a Year with Fr. Mike Schmitz

In The Bible in a Year podcast, Fr. Mike Schmitz walks you through the entire Bible in 365 episodes, providing commentary, reflection, and prayer along the way. Unlike any other Bible podcast, Ascension’s Bible in a Year podcast follows a reading plan inspired by The Great Adventure Bible Timeline, a ground-breaking approach to understanding salvation history developed by renowned Catholic Bible scholar Jeff Cavins. For each period in the timeline, Jeff will join Fr. Mike for a special episode that will help you understand the context of each reading. With this podcast, you won’t just read the Bible in a year … you’ll finally understand how all the pieces of the Bible fit together to tell an amazing story that continues in your life today! Listen and… Read the ENTIRE Bible Feel more confident about your understanding of Scripture Experience the transformative power of God’s Word in your daily life Start seeing the world through the lens of Scripture Each 20-25 minute episode includes: Two to three scripture readings A reflection from Fr. Mike Schmitz A guided prayer to help you hear God’s voice in his Word The Bible contains adult themes that may not be suitable for children - parental discretion is advised.


17.- One For Israel

One For Israel's Podcast collects powerful teachings, inspiring testimonies and insights into the scriptures and the context of the Land and People of Israel into a weekly podcast to inspire and uplift. Connect with us at to find our more about our ministry or use our powerful outreach and teaching tool to find more insightful teachings and outreach resources. Our ministry and Bible college is based in Netanya Israel and is the only Hebrew Bible college in the World, bringing Israeli Arabs and Jews together to study the scripture and grow in God.


18.- Truth Over Tribe Podcast

Christian Takes on Culture, News & Politics

Tired of the culture war? This is that podcast that’s too liberal for conservatives, too conservative for liberals. We seek to follow the lamb, not the donkey or elephant.


19.- Living Waters Podcast

The Living Waters Podcast is now one of the most downloaded Podcasts in the world! Enjoy learning more about evangelism and apologetics as Ray, E.Z., Mark, and Oscar share rich insights that are sure to bless you—as well as the occasional silly story to make you laugh, too.

At two new episodes a week, we cover a wide range of topics that include current events, evangelism, apologetics, theology, and guest speakers.


20.- C.S. Lewis Podcast with Alister McGrath

A weekly podcast with Professor Alister McGrath exploring C.S. Lewis’ thought, theology and teaching.

C.S. Lewis is one of the most influential voices in modern Christianity. The 20th Century British writer and lay theologian has profoundly impacted Christians around the world and brought many atheists and agnostics to faith in Jesus.

One person whose faith was greatly encouraged by the writings of C.S. Lewis is Professor Alister McGrath. Both men were raised in Northern Ireland, studied at Oxford University and went on to become professors there. They also both came to faith from atheism slightly later in life. Alister has written numerous books on C.S. Lewis, including a seminal biography C.S. Lewis – A Life.

Every Monday, Ruth Jackson and Professor Alister McGrath will reflect on C.S. Lewis’ ideas, life and influence as well as trying to answer questions that impact culture today.


21.- The Pro Church Tools Show with Brady Shearer and Alexander Mills

Helping your church navigate the biggest communication shift in 500 years. Answering your questions live.


22.- Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey

Upbeat and in-depth, Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey breaks down the latest in culture, news, theology & politics from a Christian, conservative perspective. Allie’s fresh analysis of the most important issues provides an entertaining and effective way to stay in the know.


23.- Pass The Mic

Pass The Mic is the premier podcast of The Witness – A Black Christian Collective. Tune in every week for engaging discussions and high profile interviews addressing the core concerns of African Americans biblically. Learn more at


24.- Bible Thinker with Mike Winger

Learn to think biblically about everything! Teaching theology, apologetics, and verse-by-verse Bible studies. Mike Winger teaches with clarity, doesn't shy away from controversial topics, and always seeks to teach the Bible accurately. This podcast will equip you to know and defend the Christian faith and understand the Bible in a deeper way.


25.- Christian Podcast with Beto & Mili

Christian Podcast is the epicenter of faith conversations. Interviews with Top-God thinkders with hosts Beto & Mili founders of

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