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Jordan Peterson We Who Wrestle with God Tour: Our takeaways

In this video we tell you our entire experience coming to the YouTube theater in Los Angeles and listening to Jordan Peterson talk for 1+ hours. You will hear how his daughter Mikhaila mentioned she was recently 'saved' and she questioned the audiences belief backgrounds. The overall theme of Jordan's talk this night was: What is Faith. At the end of his talk the audience offered a standing ovation (which was also the way he was welcomed to the stage).

Our take-away

  • 1. Thought is Secularized Prayer

  • 2. Where does thought come from? Revelation

  • 3. Test the spirit, where is it coming from?

  • 4. AIM, Missing the target = Sin

  • 5. Faith, Elijah, God is not a mere natural experience

  • 6. Faith is the willingness to attain to your conscience

  • 7. Work and Sacrifice are the same

  • 8. The Future Depends on it (sacrifice)

  • 9. Faith is a commitment to the pathway of Good

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